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Motivational Coaching 

Motivational Coaching - We collabirate to resolve areas of disconnect and dis-ease in your life. This helps to work to develop a plan bringing abundance, prosperity, good health and joy into your life.

Through dialoging we discover root issues that are blocking emotional and physical growth. These issues will allow clarity on many levels: career, personal relationships, and health.

Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing – Working with the client thru meditation, chakra clearing and or Reiki, to redirect energy and rebalance the chakras and the energy system.

Oracle Cards connect us to messages from the Universe that guide us to the next right action to maintain alignment. 

In person or via phone.

Wedding Officiant

Contact Rev. Connie Love for more information.

House Blessings and Pet Blessings.

Please contact Rev. Connie Love for more information.