Restore Balance 

Body Mind Spirit



  • Physical is for your body, for any body aches and also for grounding yourself.
  • Emotional blend is for the heart, for self-love, for when you need more love to come to you.

    Clarity  a blend of essential oils for peace of mind, clarity, bringing better ideas into the mind.

    Spiritual blend is about creating an opening to allow Intuitive Spiritual connection to be clearer to one's sacred temple within.

    Prosperity helps to bring in prosperity of all kinds into one's life. This blend aligns you with your ability to manifest all types of ways to be prosperous and clears the blockages that are preventing the ease of flow abundance.

    These are very convenient for purse and/or pocket. They are pre-diluted in jojoba oil with essential oils.


  • Allergy Relief
  • Headache Relief
  • Anxiety/Tension Relief

Wisdom Reflection Cards - COMING SOON
46 Wisdom Sayings to provide inner thought, reflection, exploration and meditation. Each saying resonates its own energy that is applicable to everyone for their highest good and the good of all.
A convenient purse size carrying bag is provided.