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Hello Everyone! Thank you for tuning into MINDFUL MESSAGE: Three Words, Three Chakras to Abundance and Creating Your Desires.

Our discussion will focus on "I AM" and the 1st chakra, the Root Chakra, the 2nd chakra, the Sacral Chakra and the 3rd chakra, The Solar Plexus. There have and will continue to be many discussions and interpretations of these powerful words, "I AM", but we will explore how they are driven by the energy of these 3 chakras. Even though the energy of all the chakras affects each other, that is a discussion for our soon to be offered chakra webinar.

Let's get started.

"I" - INTENTION - To create our desires we must first set an intention. Having a sense of being grounded, feeling safe and secure in the world and in our heart will help us to dispel fears. Fears come from a sense of insecurity, lack of confidence and living with old beliefs. Therefore, we may need to focus on changing our thinking to move forward. Our beliefs become our reality. These are traits from the Root Chakra.

"A" - ACTION - Once we feel grounded and secure, we have space and freedom to create. This comes from the Sacral Chakra. This energy drives our intention and our creative expression. Feel, sense, discover. This allows us to create what life has to offer. You can create your desires; prosperity, love, relationships, career, community, happiness and much more.

"M" - MANIFEST - We have created our intentions, made our choices and the energy from the Solar Plexus Chakra keeps us on our course, captain of our own ship without doubt and fear. This may not always be comfortable but it is important to value yourself and stay true to your heart. While I realize there is much discussion around each of these statements, it may provide a topic for meditation and/or affirmation. I invite you to reflect on the I AM and see what manifests for you!

Peace and Love

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I love the "I AM". Thank you for posting this!